Oxeye Capital Management is an award winning absolute return manager with a long history of sound risk management and impressive, consistent returns. Our strategies have been forged through 20 years of rigorous research and broad derivatives market experience.

Trading since 1997 

Oxeye is an investment management company that trades principally in written options on stock indices, also known as 'Volatility Risk Premium Harvesting'. This may then be hedged using strategies developed over many years by the firm's founders and their team of experienced derivatives specialists.


Five principles

  1. To produce absolute returns in all market conditions.
  2. To adhere to rigid risk management criteria.
  3. To guarantee safe custody of clients' assets.
  4. To achieve the highest levels of transparency.
  5. To operate only in the most liquid markets.


The firm prides itself above all on its proven risk management discipline, which uses real-time risk assessment.
There is no proprietary trading and no client money is held at the company.